Our Best Sets For Savings On Zero-Waste Dental Care

Buying in bundles or bulk is often better for the environment! Good news for all of our eco-warriors out there because we've got 3 sets which have you covered for all of your zero-waste, dental-care needs. Get started on your eco-journey and make sustainable swaps today.
Scroll for our best bundles!

1. Recyclable Brush Heads and Toothpaste Pack 

We've packed in all your essentials to keep you going for a really long time!
You'll receive:

-8x Recyclable Toothbrush Heads

-6x Natural Toothbrush Heads

 £54.99, was £75.90


2. Zero-Waste Family Pack 

Has enough toothbrushes to go around, plus to pick and choose if you prefer manual or electric. In this set you get:

- 8x Recyclable Brush Heads
- 3x Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal Fibre Bristles

£44.99, was £56.94


3. Zero-waste dental products

Our best variety set includes all of our favourite zero-waste dental products. In this set you'll receive:
- 2x Recyclable Brush Heads
- 1x Eco Floss
- 1x Natural Toothpaste Tablets
- 4x Vegan Eco Wax Wraps
- 1x Bamboo Toothbrush
£44.99, was £49.95