Can You Recycle Electric Toothbrush Heads?

The dental industry generates an incredible amount of waste made of plastic that cannot be recycled. Even while some of the garbage is required for infection control, there is still excessive plastic waste when seen in the larger context. However, what about your battery-powered toothbrush? Is recycling possible for the toothbrush heads that are replaced?

You might be tossing away an electric toothbrush that you no longer required if you have one lying around. However, throwing it away in the trash can is not recommended. You are strongly advised not to dispose of electronic items together with your regular garbage. This pertains to your electric toothbrush as well.

This can pose a significant threat to the health of both people and animals, in addition to being exceedingly harmful to the environment. Putting batteries and other electronic components in a landfill can lead to pollution, contamination, and even poisoning of the environment.

They can cause burns to the skin and eyes, contaminate streams and lakes, and cause various other adverse effects. This is mostly attributable to the presence of hazardous components and chemicals within the batteries of such electronic gadgets. Because of this, you should avoid throwing out items like these that contain batteries with the rest of your garbage.

These batteries will cause the chemicals and hazardous elements they contain to spill out and soak into the ground. As a consequence of this, they can even find their way into the food and water that you take into your body. To sum everything up, you must get rid of your electric toothbrush in a way that is responsible and appropriate.

Disposing of Electric Toothbrush

Plastic makes up the majority of an electric toothbrush's construction. The brush heads and the bristles are both constructed out of nylon. In addition to that, they also come with a battery that can be recharged. The plastic that goes into the production of electric toothbrushes may all be recycled.

Furthermore, even nylon can be recycled into new materials. There is not yet a model of an electric toothbrush that is both kind to the environment and entirely recyclable. The fact that you may recycle parts of the electric toothbrush is, on the other hand, a piece of good news. Because of this, getting rid of an electric toothbrush does not pose a significant challenge.

When it comes to getting rid of electric toothbrushes, recycling should absolutely be one of your options to explore. Your alternatives for getting rid of electric toothbrushes primarily consist of getting rid of the plastic and nylon components of the toothbrush.

After every three months, you will need to give your electric toothbrush a new brush head to keep it functioning properly. Recycling these on the kerbside is impossible because they are constructed of nylon and various other types of plastic.

As a result, you are required to throw the head of the brush away with the other garbage. On the other hand, as people become more aware of the environmental damage caused by plastic garbage, more disposal solutions are becoming available.

Free recycling programs for plastic and nylon brush heads have been initiated by some businesses and made available to customers. LiveCoco offers a toothbrush head recycling program in which you can send over your used LiveCoco brush heads by shipping them back to us.


Why You Can't Recycle the Heads of Electric Toothbrushes in Your Standard Trash Bin and What You Should Do Instead?

Because of the various little components that go into making a replacement brush head, you can't just put your old brush heads into your standard recycling bin and be done with it. Inside them are a variety of polymers and minute metal pieces that work together to make the toothbrush move and keep the bristles in place. Instead, you can send them back to LiveCoco to be recycled as long as they are LiveCoco brush heads.


Manual Toothbrushes Made of Plastic Produce More Trash Than Replacement Heads Do

Compared to their manual equivalents, the replacement brush heads for electric toothbrushes are far more compact, resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of waste produced. In the long run, the use of an electric toothbrush rather than a plastic manual toothbrush will result in a lower total amount of waste plastic produced.

You might consider using a manual toothbrush made of bamboo or another eco-friendly material if you're seeking a way to reduce your impact on the environment. However, consider that Oral-B electric toothbrushes have been shown in studies to be more successful than manual toothbrushes at removing plaque. This leads to a healthy mouth, leading to a better body.



Our LiveCoco Recyclable Brush Heads are made with thermoplastic which means they can be melted and recycled. In both the bristles of our bamboo toothbrushes and the brush heads, we make use of a recyclable kind of nylon. First, we amass a large number of toothbrush heads, and then we recycle them.

LiveCoco offers a recycling program for used brush heads. Customers from the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Canada can participate by sending their used LiveCoco items to designated recycling collection centres in their respective countries. LiveCoco will handle the recycling process for these items.