Happy Recycling Week♻️

This week is all about recycling, the 3rd ‘R’. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is a great starting point on your zero-waste journey. Once you’ve tackled the amount of plastic you have, and have identified any things which can be reused, you’re left with the final bits and bobs that you now want to recycle. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re recycling as efficiently as you can be...

Check Local Guidelines
Products may have labelling with some guidance on this, but it’s always better to check first - so much household recycling gets sent to landfill due to contamination. If you live with people who can be a bit forgetful, just pop a little note on top of the recycling bin with some easy tips on what’s recyclable or not.
Be Proactive 
If it can’t be recycled in our household bins, look to see where we can recycle it. Lots of supermarkets have schemes to recycle plastic bread bags, or batteries.
Clean Your Plastics 
This is so important and only takes 2 seconds to do. If we all clean our yoghurt tubs before popping them in the bin, we can reduce the contamination levels and increase how much we can recycle.
If you’re not sure if it can be recycled and you’re in a pinch, squish the plastic up in a ball and if it stays compact, then it’s likely that you can recycle it.
How We Recycle 
We recycle all our products and their packaging, just post them back to us!
If you collect a few of your toothbrush heads and then send them to us, we can send them for recycling - both the plastic used in the bristles and the actual head can be recycled. Read more about our programme here