Coconut Oil: More Than Just a Moisturiser

Did you know there could be a super food lying around in your very own kitchen? The health benefits of coconut oil are well documented which makes it the perfect ingredient to add to your everyday life! But the benefits of coconut oil are vast. Other than being a great cure for soothing dry hands, companies such as Sephora have used coconut oil as a base ingredient in their organic and natural makeup formulas for years! Women have been using this beautifying agent to achieve soft supple skin and glossy hair, but it has a lot more to offer us. This pearly white fat remains solid at room temperature and has a relatively good shelf life. From bulletproof coffee to coconut smoothies, it has seeped into the diets of many health experts who swear by its natural goodness and rightfully so!

  • A tremendous weight loss supplement: While it consists of 90% saturated fat, coconut oil has been hailed as a good kind of saturated fat. The high level of medium fatty acid chains inside make it an ideal health choice that lowers cholesterol and gives you a satiating effect that prevents you from overeating. It is also immediately processed by the liver to convert to energy, hence prevents storage of excess fats.
  • Glowing skin and shiny hair: Coconut oil is used traditionally in many cultures to prime the skin and make the hair more glowing. It works deep down into the skin to provide nourishment and the skin-friendly lipids overcome the effects of dryness and eczema.
  • Sparkling teeth whitener: Coconut oil has often been used in oil pulling where it helps leach out impurities and bacteria to promote healthy gums. It also helps gets rid of yellow stains that are caused by caffeine and smoking. If you are looking to get whiter, cleaner teeth, consider investing in a quality oil pulling kit.
  • Perfect for cooking: Coconut oil does not go bad when heated and hence makes a perfect solution to stir fry vegetables and add a little flavor to your recipes. It is highly preferred in Thai food and imparts that nutty flavor to enhance the taste. Many international cuisines rely on coconut oil for that perfect blend of flavor that is savory as well as aromatic.
  • Great makeup remover: Coconut oil is a perfect makeup remover that gets rid of dirt and stubborn makeup without being harsh on the skin as some removers are. It cleans pores deep down so no sudden pimples erupt.

Coconut oil is a common ingredient found in almost all kitchens and can do wonders for your skin. Its rich taste and numerous benefits have made it a popular choice among chefs and fitness experts. It’s not only cost-effective but can also help you manage your overall weight, improve the condition of your skin, remove impurities and refresh your skin deep into the pores. Virgin cold-pressed coconut oil is some of the purest and finest quality of coconut oil available in the markets, and most health stores. So what are you waiting for? Go grab yours today!