Plastic-Free Products To Transform For Your Kitchenūüíö

As you may know, as a brand we have been developing products outside of dental-care and this includes ones for your kitchen. Our Vegan Eco Wax Wraps are truly one of the most transformational pieces to add to your arsenal. Plastic clingfilm and wrappings are covered in nearly every piece of produce you buy and are hugely damaging to our environments. By purchasing our Vegan Eco Wax Wraps you will be able to eliminate this problem altogether!
Scroll down to discover what this product does and how to use it!
Our Vegan Eco Food Wraps contain no plastic & no bees wax. They are the best sustainable, alternative to plastic clingfilm which severely harms the environment.

They are made lovingly in the UK from Pure Cotton, Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Pine Resin & Plant Based Wax.

- Biodegradable & Compostable
- Re-Usable for over 12 months
- Easy to Clean & Store
- Zero Plastic Product & Packaging
- No animals were harmed during production!

How can you use it?

Stay Fresh

Lost that lid? Got leftovers? Simply use your wax wraps to create a seal-tight barrier between the air and your food keeping it in perfect condition for consumption.

Rescue Opened Food

How often have you opened food and it starts hardening in the fridge from air exposure? With our Vegan Eco Wax Wraps you don't have to worry about this anymore! Everything from half eaten avocados to blocks of cheese will stay as fresh as the day you purchased them when covered adequately. 

 Avoid Food Going Stale

We waste so much packaging even when we pick up fresh produce such as bread and pastries. Come prepared to the bakery next time with your own wax wrap to keep it safe and fresh!

Keep Drinks Fresh 

Pre-prepared your glass of wine? Got an iced-coffee you want to keep fresh? Simply add your wax wrap to the top to seal to keep in optimum drinking condition.