How Coconut Oil Can Detox Your Entire Mouth

A detox for the mouth can help a number of problems. If you suffer with recurring mouth ulcers, bad breath or stained teeth, you probably know by now that coconut oil can help you with some of these problems. Here’s a round-up of all the ways coconut oil can improve your mouth health.

Whiter Teeth

It’s the simplest and safest way to whiten your teeth. And a much more reasonable price than some whitening methods. Because coconut oil has organic antibacterial properties, they help whiten and cleanse the teeth. Oil pulling is a far better whitening process than chemical teeth whitening methods.

Reduces Bad Breath

You might be surprised to find out that oil pulling can help you with the problem of bad breath. This is because it flushes out the smell causing bacteria from your mouth which is usually old food particles.

Better Teeth Hygiene

Coconut oil pulling is an extremely effective way of cleansing and detoxifying the mouth. Oil pulling helps remove the possibility of tooth cavities. It removes bacteria, which is responsible for increased chances of tooth decay. It also provides protection against plaque-induced gingivitis.

Detoxes the Mouth

It might seem obvious but by keeping toxins out of the mouth it will help stop toxins getting further into the body. If you keep it clean and cleanse it every day, it will keep your body clean too. Oil pulling can remove the toxins before they enter your body, thus avoiding them to cause infections.

Why not incorporate coconut oil pulling into your routine and you could see some amazing benefits?