How Our Products Are Truly Sustainable♻️

The world of greener-living can sometimes be a confusing place. A lot of traditional brands are jumping on the bandwagon with 'green' collections or recyclable packaging but what does it mean to be truly sustainable? We made some big changes to our business which meant that we could be just that and cause the least amount of damage to our environment as possible. 

When you buy from us you can be rest assured that everything from our packaging to our product has been thought about in a sustainable way. Our packaging now comes in cardboard Kraft boxes with no plastic whatsoever. These are biodegradable and fully recyclable. 

Our bestselling products the Recyclable Toothbrush Heads are indeed made from plastic but what is different about these is that they are made from thermoplastic which can be recycled again! We encourage all of you to send back your brush heads to us when you are done with them so we can have them sent for recycling by sending a big batch in one go which in turn helps to reduce the amount of carbon emissions overall. 

We have been working really hard to create products which you need but are either totally zero-waste or very low-waste, such as our Natural Toothpaste Tablets and our Natural Eco Floss. These are fully recyclable and low waste. The need for unnecessary plastic toiletries is over! 

To read more about our recycling policy, click here.