How To Feel Better About Yourself In 5 Minutes

We know that lockdown has been hard, we've been isolated for so long and now we're starting to see some easing up of restrictions, we can finally see (socially-distanced of course) some of our friends and we want to feel our best!
Scroll down to see our top tips to feel better in 5. 
STEP 1: 
Start with a really good cleanse of the mouth. Use our Soft Bristle Recyclable Tooth Brush Heads to get all impurities, plaque and odour causing bacteria removed from the mouth. Pair with our Natural Toothpaste Tablets for a minty, clean feeling and fresh breath. 
STEP 2: 
Next up you need to make sure you get all remaining bacteria particles from between your teeth with our Natural Eco Floss.  The plaque and tartar that builds up between teeth is what causes yellowing and tooth decay. Using a floss regularly stops this from happening and makes you feel confident in your smile.
Our Natural Teeth Whitener is made from coconut shells which naturally helps to remove stains and create a whiter smile. Plus, it contains around 300 uses, it's gluten-free, vegan and acts fast!