Take The Zero Waste Week Challenge

The beginning of September is #ZeroWasteWeek! This is an initiative run by Zero Waste Week who encourage everyone to sign up to their challenges and kick start a more sustainable way of living. We have all seen the awful effects that our lifestyles have had on our natural world so we would like to share a few ways we think everyone could challenge themselves to become more eco-conscious.
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Day 1 Challenge: Eat Me First Shelf

Create an 'Eat Me First' shelf in your fridge. Gather all the food that needs eating up in the next 24-48 hours and put it all on one shelf. If you need to keep your opened food extra fresh, try a Vegan Eco Wax Wrap to keep your produce perfectly fresh.


Day 2: Eco Swap

Replace a disposable product you regularly use with a reusable option such as your toothbrush, toothpaste or floss! If you could remove just one item of disposable plastic  from your lifestyle, think of the impact it would have over time! 


Day 3: Sign Up To Local Farmers Markets

What better way to become more zero-waste than picking fresh vegetables from your local market! Be sure to bring along a tote bag and Vegan Eco Wax Wrap to keep any particular items fresh. Alternatively, sign up to a local vegetable box scheme which delivers fresh produce straight to your door.

Day 4: Learn Basic Repair Skills

In the world we live in today, with so much fast-fashion available at such cheap prices it's easy to just buy new when something breaks. For Zero Waste Week, attempt to repair any clothes you already have to save them from ending up in landfill and going to waste. 

Day 5: Zero-Waste Swaps


Get sustainable swaps into your bathroom this week with our picks of the best, sustainable dental care.  

Remember to use code: ZEROWASTE20 for 20% off any order which is valid until Monday 14th September! It's a challenging experiment reducing your waste but so rewarding to see how much plastic waste you have saved from filling our oceans and going to landfill.