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Reviewed By Our Customers

"LIVE COCO šŸŒ We have been so excited to post about this, ever since we begun using our recyclable brush heads. šŸ’š Remember guys and dolls, fantastic companies like @livecocouk are on a mission to reduce the amount of plastic and be more sustainable, which we are so proud to be a part of! In the UK we throw potentially 264 million toothbrushes away annually, and in America it's 1 billion!šŸ˜± If this year has told us anything, it's that we need to take better care of our planet, so why not swap out a plastic toothbrush for something more sustainable!šŸŒæ"

"One thing we couldn't justify on our waste reduction quest was to chuck out our electric toothbrushes, only to replace them with bamboo. It seemed wrong letting them go to landfill. So we did a bit of investigating and found @livecocouk toothbrush heads. You can send the heads back in bulk to be recycled once used.
Whilst electric toothbrushes may not be as kind to the environment as bamboo brushes, its a small change in the right direction."


"I'm so excited for these recyclable brush heads and bamboo toothbrushes from @livecocouk ā™»ļø Since starting this journey, I've been worried about the plastic waste created by my electric toothbrush and finding this brand that utilises a closed-loop recycling system seems to be the solution! I'll hold on to the used heads and then mail them back to be recycled. šŸ˜"


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