Drink A Lot Of Coffee? Don't Let It Stain Your Smile🦷

Here at Live Coco, we are big believers in ethical, healthy smiles and coffee! Unfortunately, coffee does have a tendency to stain our teeth, particularly after years of drinking but this can easily be remedied with taking really good care of those gnashers and giving them a little extra TLC every couple of weeks.
We've been working hard to create products which are kind to you and the world in the past few years and are really happy with our progress. Check out some of our favourite products for perfectly, healthy teeth below: 

Starting with our Recyclable Toothbrush Heads that are totally recyclable and won’t end up in landfill. Even the bristles can be recycled, just send them back to us. We recommend a really great clean, particularly after drinking coffee as this will help remove any of the coffee debris and reduce the chance of staining.
To ensure that you don't get a build up of coffee between your teeth which culminates in yellowing try our Natural Eco Floss which is recyclable and natural! This will help to remove any additional particles that may be lurking between the cracks. They also help to reduce plastic and bathroom waste. 
We recommend trying out our Activated Charcoal Natural Teeth Whitener every couple of weeks to help lift any staining, naturally using the power of charcoal made from coconuts!
So...what are you waiting for? Make a swap today and let’s work together to reduce our impact!