11 Benefits of Oil Pulling, Aside from Whiter Teeth

Coconut oil is the all in one solution for almost anything. You can cook with it, put it in your hair, swish it around in your mouth and basically use it to become a whole new person. The overwhelming benefits of coconut oil pulling is endless!

You have probably heard of oil pulling. It's been around for ages, but has gained more mainstream popularity over the last few years. But the best part about oil pulling? It's easy to do! Click here to try it.

But oil pulling does more than just whiten your teeth, here are 11 (not so secret) benefits of coconut oil pulling.

1) Prevents Cavities

Swishing coconut oil helps pull out bacteria that tends to hide between teeth and gums. By getting rid of this bacteria, you can prevent cavities from ever forming in your mouth.

2) Kills Bad Breath

By pulling out all of those toxins in your mouth, it's only natural that removing those toxins would help freshen your breath, right? Consider coconut oil pulling a great alternative to harsh alcohol filled mouthwashes.

3) Reduces Gingivitis

The friction created by oil pulling has a soap-like effect inside your mouth. This cleanse goes deep into the hard to reach areas of your gums and kills all the germs that can cause gingivitis.

4) Prevents Heart Disease

Your oral health is very important to the overall health of your body. Bacteria in your mouth can seep into the blood stream and cause arterial plaque buildup (known to contribute to heart disease). Oil pulling prevents this bacteria from ever entering your blood stream.

5) Detoxes the Body

Germs in the body cause inflammation and diseases that leave your body feeling ill. Killing these germs at the source will have you and your body feeling much better. Plus, by cleansing your tongue, you are actually cleansing your whole body!

6) Boosts the Immune System

Coconut oil is full of Vitamin A and natural fatty acids. It is the perfect way to boost your immune system. By removing bacteria via oil pulling, you are able to prevent any toxic stress buildup.

7) Soothes Dry Throats

The best part of using coconut oil? It's digestible. You don't want to swallow it after swishing, because the thick liquid will be full of bad stuff, but there's no denying that swishing it around in your mouth makes everything slippery smooth, and soothing to your throat.

8) Increases Energy

When the immune system is hard at work clearing out toxic waste, it vastly drains our energy levels. Removing those toxins from the source (usually the mouth), lowers the amount of work our body has to do, which leaves us feeling great!

9) Heals Cracked Lips

Full of fat-soluble vitamins, coconut oil is the perfect and natural way to keep your lips soft and supple throughout the winter dry months. Do yourself a favor and invest in a quality oil pulling kit today.

10) Reduces Acne

The abundance of Vitamin E in coconut oil is jam-packed with antioxidants that can help clear up your skin. By pulling toxins out, you're relieving your body of additional stress, and helping prevent acne.

11) Reduces Headaches

A buildup of toxins in the body can lead to headaches, and oil pulling helps pull those toxins out, reducing headaches and migraines.

Now that you have discovered additional benefits of oil pulling, why don’t you try it out for 14 days and tell us how you feel. We are sure your body and your mind will thank you =).