Does Coconut Oil Pulling Actually Work?

Oral health and dental hygiene has become a hot topic recently with the increasing reports of tooth decay and gum disease featured in the media. This explains why we go above and beyond to purchase and try products that can help improve our oral health and prevent bad breath. One of these ways that has only recently been gaining widespread attention is oil pulling.

So you search online for answers about the old Ayurvedic tradition and discover testimonials proving the method is the real deal. You read that oil pulling will give you whiter teeth, reduce plaque, and prevent bacteria buildup, but you’re still skeptical. One of the questions everyone has is: Does oil pulling actually work? Well to answer that, we have to understand what oil pulling actually is.


Oil pulling is actually an ancient method of rinsing the mouth, where you swish some natural, organic oil around your mouth for 10-20 minutes. Its an old Ayurvedic tradition that is used to detoxify the mouth and whiten teeth. In ancient times, people did not have the luxury of toothbrushes and toothpastes, this was one of the several means they adopted in order to keep their canines and molars strong and healthy.


Oil pulling can be performed using a variety of natural oils- traditional ones include sesame or butter oil and contemporary means have seen people substituting these for sunflower and olive oil.

Yet, according to a research conducted in the Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland, coconut oil is the best option to combat tooth decay and get a whiter shade of teeth (It happens to be our favorite type of oil as well!). What makes coconut oil so unique is that it is the only oil that has the ability to prevent growth of Streptococcus mutans, a bacterium that is the primary cause of enamel damage and tooth decay. It works at low concentrations and has thus become the perfect agent to battle and prevent bad breath and reduce plaque.


When it comes to oil pulling, not everyone seems quite sold on the idea. People tend to be afraid that they’ll end up wasting their money on a product that won’t give them the results they are looking for. But fear not; the reason its hard for you to find answers is because the concept of oil pulling has only recently gained mass recognition. Studies have made their way to the surface suggesting that oil pulling is, in fact, a highly effective and healthy method of ensuring first-rate oral health.

The oil draws or ‘pulls’ out the bad bacteria and toxins that have found solace in your gums and salivary glands and prevents plaque deterioration, subsequently whitening the teeth, reducing bad breath and preventing a hoard of oral problems such as cavities and gingivitis. It essentially acts like a magnet.


Yes! If you are someone who wishes to have a perfect set of pearly whites using a 100% natural method to whitening teeth, then you should certainly try oil pulling. Try it for 14 days and see the results for yourself. Once you start seeing your teeth get whiter, you will surely become a regular oil puller yourself!