How To Have A Sustainable Picnic

We're on a mission to protect our environment from unnecessary damage by bringing you everyday essentials that are kind to you and the world we live in. Our Vegan Eco Wax Wraps are no exception. They are made with no plastic and no beeswax. They are the best sustainable alternative to plastic clingfilm which cannot be recycled and can take hundreds of years to biodegrade and leak harmful chemicals into our groundwater. 

These are lovingly made in the UK with pure cotton, organic cold pressed coconut oil, pine resin and plant-based wax. They are plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable too!  

Anything that you would use clingfilm for, you can use a Vegan Eco Wax Wrap instead. The wax wraps create an airtight seal keeping food up to 4x fresher than with clingfilm. Trust us, we were shocked to find avocados as fresh as though they had just been cut a couple days after being wrapped!

Not only are they better for the environment but also keep your food fresher for longer. To wash simply use cold water and a mild soap. Avoid scrubbing as this removes the 'waxiness'!

1. Picnics 

Taking food on the go has never been easier or safer! Wrap sandwiches, cakes, cut fruits and more with our Vegan Eco Wax Wraps for ultimate freshness with no spillages or leaks!

2. Opened Food

A half-cut lemon or onion will never go to waste again! Simply wrap in a Vegan Eco Wax Wrap to keep it fresh for at least 4 days, possibly even more.

3. Keep Wine Fresh 

No picnic is complete without a little wine! Keep yours crispy and fresh, the way it's meant to be had with a wax wrap covering it, whilst it chills in the coolbox.

4. Flower Vase

Picked some stems from your garden? Pop them in your wax wrap with a little water in the bottom to keep them hydrated until you transfer to another vase.