Kick Start Your Zero Waste Week With 20% Off!

You may know by now we are very passionate about the world we live in and aspire to bring you products which benefit your life, sustainably. This week in the eco-community is known as #ZeroWasteWeek! This is an initiative run by Zero Waste Week who are challenging people across the UK to reduce the amount of waste they throw away to help save money, protect the environment and address the threat of climate change.  We want to help you on this journey so we are giving you 20% off any order for Zero Waste Week with the promo code: ZEROWASTE20.

Vegan Eco Wax Wraps

Our Vegan Eco Wax Wraps eliminate the need for clingfilm and provide ultimate freshness for opened food with no spillages or leaks. Use them to wrap sandwiches for picnics or half-used avocados!  

£19.99, was £24.99


Bamboo Toothbrush

You can't go wrong with a staple Bamboo Toothbrush made from responsible sources. Plus, the charcoal bristles help to remove all impurities and debris between teeth.  

£14.00, was £26.97


Recyclable Electric Toothbrush Heads

Our Recyclable Brush Heads are the ultimate addition to your electric toothbrush so you needn't compromise on cleansing. Plus, with our closed-loop recycling scheme you can send back to us for responsible recycling after you're done.

£24.99, was £29.97


Natural Toothpaste Tablets

The need for plastic toothpaste tubes is over! Our Natural Toothpaste Tablets are vegan, cruelty-free and create the perfect minty, clean feeling with zero-waste!



Natural Eco Floss

Single-use plastic is one of the most dangerous of all as it could all be avoided by using sustainable resources. Our Natural Eco Floss is made from corn fibre and microcrystalline wax and comes in a glass dispenser.



Remember to use code: ZEROWASTE20 for 20% off any order which is valid until Monday September 14th! It's a challenging experiment going plastic-free but so rewarding to see how much plastic waste you have saved from filling our oceans and going to landfill.