The 5 Best Foods For Healthy Teeth

Alongside brushing twice a day and keeping a regular flossing schedule, there are some other things we can all do to keep our teeth healthy. We all know that sugary foods and drinks can contribute to tooth decay, but some foods have vitamins and properties that help keep us smiling and healthy.


Apples are sometimes called ‘nature’s toothbrushes’. Their acidity can kill the bacteria which are responsible for bad breath. They also help to clean teeth by removing food debris, perfect for staying fresh on the go.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens, like spinach or kale, are not only great for our general health but also our dental health. They’re rich in calcium which strengthens tooth enamel!


These mushrooms have been found to balance the bacteria in our mouths, meaning that we can reduce the bad bacteria without harming the good! They also contribute to good gum health.


Most nuts, but especially almonds, make great snacks. They’re filled with protein and calcium, but low in sugar - perfect for maintaining a healthy smile.