Why We Use Fluoride In Our Toothpaste?

There’s always a lot of debate around using Fluoride in toothpaste, so we wanted to weigh in. Our Zero-Waste Toothpaste Tablets are have a lovely peppermint flavour, foam beautifully in the mouth and they do contain fluoride, and here are our reasons why…

What is Fluoride?
Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, and is slowly released from the earth into waterways. Most countries also add fluoride into their water, as it’s shown to strengthen tooth enamel and reduce decay.

How Fluoride Works
Fluoride has 2 main benefits. It works by being in our saliva and bonding with the calcium and phosphate there. The fluoride absorbed by our teeth’s enamel attracts other minerals which work to keep our enamel hard. The second benefit is that it replaces some of the chemicals which make our enamel hard, with a chemical more resistant to decay-causing acid and bacteria.


Is Fluoride Safe?
It’s widely agreed that Fluoride is a positive addition to any dental hygiene routine. There can be some health issues if fluoride is taken in excess systematically (instead of topically - as a toothpaste), but there’s not normally enough put in the water to cause these problems. 

We believe that fluoride is an important part of keeping our teeth clean, healthy and strong! We're interested to know your thoughts on it too?