Here's How Much Plastic Waste You Can Save By Making These Swaps♻️

Did you know that over a billion toothbrushes end up in the ocean or landfill every year?  Just imagine the impact we could make if everyone started implementing small, sustainable swaps into their lives. We don't recommend you throw everything you currently own away, in fact we suggest you are more conscious of your purchases and only buy when you actually need to replace something. All changes no matter how small you might think, amount to a huge difference, and fight for the better of our planet.
Scroll down to see how much plastic you could save in a year if you started making sustainable bathroom swaps! 
 It can seem like a huge challenge at first, attempting to remove plastic from your life, but when you make small swaps, little and often you end up making a huge change in your lifestyle and for the better of the oceans and environment. Which is your favourite plastic-free bathroom product?